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Russell Kentish

Russell Kentish  | alumni

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Dec 2013 (Cohort 7)

Russell was born and raised in London, England where he acquired 5 years of Games Development education. He graduated in June 2012 from Kingston-Upon-Thames University with First Class Honours in his Bachelor of Science Games Technology Degree. While studying, he worked concurrently as a Games Designer at Colossal Games, notably on two iPhone and iPad titles, including the game Commando Jack which is increasingly gaining in popularity on the market. 

Prior to leaving London, he worked as a Liaison Officer with the Olympic Broadcasting Services at the London 2012 Olympic Games. He also worked as a Freelance 3D Character Designer, 3D Animator and Graphic Designer.

Russell enrolled at the Centre for Digital Media in September 2012 where during his first semester he worked as a Graphic Designer with the Pacific Newspaper Group to develop 'comPress' a news app for the Vancouver Sun and The Province. During his second semester, he worked as the Producer for Chinchilla to develop a game for the First Nations Technology Council under the guidance of Roadhouse Interactive. Starting in May 2013 he helped form BU-O to develop a platform that facilitates crowd-sourcing of game design. Russell likes to develop video games in his spare time, and is currently working on an iOS title called 'Shyness' that was first developed at the 2013 Vancouver Global Game Jam.

With his Game Development experience, combined with his MDM education, he is now honing his skills to further his career as a Producer in the video games industry.

Projects: BU-O, Chinchilla