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Steven Wong

Steven Wong  | alumni

Class of: 
Dec 2017 (Cohort 11)

Steven Caesar Wong uses his programming background to create video games and artworks. He hopes to use his technical skills to innovate forms of entertainment and art for his audiences.

Steven holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Art & Technology from Simon Fraser University. He has worked on films, created a smartphone game with Unity, and created his own website using his programming skills. Steven has also used Arduino and a variety of sensors to create interactive wearable pieces.

Compared with researching only, Steven is most happy learning practical techniques and developing further opportunities to collaborate in diverse projects settings. He aspires to be a professional in his field and focus on AR/VR technologies here at the Centre for Digital Media.

Skill Sets: 
Game Designer
Programmer (C++, C#, Python, Java...)
Movie Producer
Video Editor
Unity Programmer
Web Developer (HTML/CSS/Java Script...)

Projects: Redshift, Visual Candy