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Vincy Wing Sze Kwong

Vincy Wing Sze Kwong  | alumni

Class of: 
Dec 2014 (Cohort 8)

Vincy recently graduated from The University of Western Ontario with an Honors BA in Digital Media, Communications & Technoculture (a self-designed themed degree through the Scholar's Electives program), along with a Minor in Creative Writing.

Throughout her undergrad, she has worked, interned, and volunteered extensively on- and off-campus, such as with Western University's International and Exchange Student Centre and the Hong Kong Police Force Headquarters Library. Her skills include graphic design, web design, filmmaking, photography, creative writing, and more.

Ultimately by joining MDM, Vincy strives to gather her skills, experience, and passion to deliver digital media projects for people—the core of community—making good use of technology for positive impact.

Projects: Nano-NanoNauts, The Road Less Travelled