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Xiao Chen

Xiao Chen  | alumni

Class of: 
Dec 2017 (Cohort 11)

Xiao Chen holds a Bachelor degree in Digital Media Arts at the Communication University of China. She has two years of work experience in Front End development where she took charge of maintaining and improving the most common advertising system in China (Taobao Ad Network and Exchange). She has experience in UI and UX design from her broad academic background.

Through the MDM program, she intends to enhance her management skills, deepen her technical qualities and combine those abilities with her creative ideas. She believes that programming languages are the tools for realizing her ideas, and she has a passion for making a contribution to arts and culture.

One interesting fact about her is that she played the bass in a band.

Skill Sets: 
Front End Developer
UI Designer
UX Designer
Web Developer (HTML/CSS/Java Script...)

Projects: SeeShore & SFU-FCAT, Team Ope, Wet Reality