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Bob Kreut

Bob Kreut  | faculty

Class of: 
Dec 2021 (Cohort 15)

Artist / Designer

Bob Kreut has specialized for the past 10 years as a 3D Artist and Educator, but has a background in Music, Geomatic Engineering, and 2D & 3D Art.  He is currently the program head of the 3D Modeling Art & Animation program at CDM’s partner school BCIT. 

Bob has worked with studios around the world creating art and videos for companies such as Disney, Nike, Epic, and more.  He has worked on a wide range of projects from video games, commercials, art installations, to educational software. 

Upon completion of the MDM program, Bob plans to teach abroad and explore other parts of the world.  He is very excited to be able to work with such talented students from a diverse background here at CDM. 

Skill Sets: 
3D Designer
Animator / VFX
Video Editor

Projects: Empathy Development App with MPath, Integrated 3D Printing & XR for Pediatric Medicine with Digital Lab at BC Children's Hospital, Catch of the Night with Trickfilm