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Dr. Dave Fracchia

Dr. Dave Fracchia  | faculty

MDM Faculty

  • Master of Digital Media Program
  • Centre for Digital Media

Dave is a Professor of Professional Practice at the Centre for Digital Media and a digital media consultant. He was the Studio Head of MGN Studios from 2018-2020.

Dave joined Radical Entertainment in 2007 as Vice President of Technology and was responsible for leading the development of the company’s proprietary core game engine before taking the helm in 2012 as Studio Head of Radical and Senior Director within Activision’s Central Studios division.  Prior to this Dave served as Senior Software Developer, then Vice President of Technology at Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker) from 1997-2007.  As VP he oversaw software development, information technology, motion capture, technical operations, video post, sound and facilities.

From 1992-2000, Dave was an Associate Professor in the School of Computing Science and co-director of the Graphics and Multimedia Research Lab at Simon Fraser University.  Prior to this he was a Postdoctoral Associate in the Mathematics Department and Lecturer in the Computer Science Department at Yale University from 1991 to1992. Dave has authored over 50 journal and conference papers in the areas of computer graphics and scientific visualization, and has over 35 credits in video games, direct-to-video movies, and television series. He is currently a member of the AIAS, IGDA, and ACM SIGGRAPH (Pioneer).

Dave has served on multiple media industry advisory boards for institutions such as the Great Northern Way, FCAT/SFU, VFS, MITACS, HP, Autodesk, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, and the Canadian Video Game Awards, as well as several conference program committees and juries.

Courses: Improvisation for Collaboration, Projects III

Projects: A New Way to Track the Use of Markers in AR Space, ARenamaker, BBBOOK: A Collaborative Web-Based Platform, Candor Interactive, Data Dashboard with The Law Foundation of British Columbia, Dawn of War 3, Forgotten Highway, Glitch, Greenhorn Games, Integrated 3D Printing & XR for Pediatric Medicine with Digital Lab at BC Children's Hospital, Lively Web, One Blue Eye Studios, Project Crush - eCommerce Ad Network with Major Tom, Project Lazuli: A Prosocial Initiative to Address Loneliness, Shoutout: Community Mobile App for LGBTQ2+ College Students and On-Campus Organizations, Skybound Network, Team Desperation , Team Phantom, The Barbees, Venture Project: Ethica, Venture Project: Learn 3D - A fun way to learn 3D arts, Vestibular Rehabilitation VR with BC Children’s Hospital Digital Lab, VIBE: Bringing Back Adventure To Online Dating, Walkies, Willow