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Dr. Rachel Ralph

Dr. Rachel Ralph  | faculty


  • Master of Digital Media Program
  • Centre for Digital Media

Dr. Rachel Ralph (BA, BEd, MET, PhD) is a faculty member at the Centre for Digital Media who teaches and supervises student project teams. Rachel has been an educator for over a decade and has worked as a digital media and curriculum consultant. Shel has been an advocate for project based learning throughout her career and enjoys living this education style at the Centre for Digital Media while being involved with several team projects.

Prior to CDM, Rachel worked at the University of British Columbia in Media and Technology Studies Education while completing her PhD. Her focus has been on digital media, mobile devices, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, STEM/STEAM education, media studies, film studies, and design processes. Rachel has authored several published works and presented at local, national, and international conferences. Rachel is also involved in many groups including RAVR (Research in Augmented and Virtual Reality) and How We Learn (HWL) Media and Technology Across the Lifespan.

Rachel continues to work with students and the community in developing pedagogically appropriate digital media and technology integration into education and lifestyles. She believes in empowering students to become digital citizens while embracing agile and team approaches. She also highly encourages students to strike a work/life balance as she tries to do by always taking a course, creating art, decorating cookies, writing a kids book, or volunteering at Bard on the Beach.

Projects: 3D City Storytelling , A New Way to Track the Use of Markers in AR Space, Ameegos, Davos | Give Meaning, Dawn of War 3, InQlusive, Krypto Klawz, Team Accenture, Team GenZ, Wet Toast Saga