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Dr. Rachel Ralph

Dr. Rachel Ralph  | faculty


  • Master of Digital Media Program
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Dr. Rachel Ralph (BA, BEd, MET, PhD) is a faculty member at the Centre for Digital Media who teaches and supervises student project teams. Rachel has been an educator for over fifteen years and has worked as a digital media and curriculum consultant. At CDM, Rachel divides her focus into two areas: agile hybrid project management and user research.

As a user researcher, Rachel has spent a number of years at the University of British Columbia in Media and Technology Studies Education. She has worked with the How We Learn (HWL) Media and Technology Across the Lifespan and the Assessment for Learning in Immersive and Virtual Environments labs. The most recent project through the ALIVE lab focusing on a virtual iPad game in which middle grade students explore STEM subjects.

Her own research has focused on the role of "fun" in education. In 2019, she worked with a team around designing an edutainment game around making the world a better place one evil cat at a time.

As a certified ScrumMaster®, Rachel educates others on agile methodologies. She continues to embody the role of agile leadership practices while maintaining the Kanban board in her office. Not only does she encourage students to "go all in" and live agile lifestyles, she also strives to find that balance between agile and waterfall (or the hybrid 'watergile'), while maintaining good team practices and team leadership. Currently, Rachel is exploring the role of 'watergile' across Vancouver digital media industries.

She also highly encourages students to strike a work/life balance as she tries to do by always taking a course, creating art, writing a kid’s book, or volunteering at Bard on the Beach (Volunteer of the Year 2019). Rachel was also a team member (with another faculty and several C13 students) on the international Niantic Developer Contest in which the team (Ninth Wonder) were in the Top 10.

Courses: Foundations of Digital Media

Projects: 3D City Storytelling , A New Way to Track the Use of Markers in AR Space, Ameegos, Assessment of Inquiry Learning using Mobile Applications with UBC ALIVE, Davos | Give Meaning, Dawn of War 3, Empathy Development App with MPath, Firefighter Training Simulation for Justice Institute of British Columbia, InQlusive, Interactive Educational Mobile Game with Yalty Software, Krypto Klawz, Mixed-Reality Performance Design Tool with Lifelike & Believable, Mobile App for Visceral Vision's CultureBrew.Art , Optimized Recruitment System for User Research with Kaizor Innovation, Serious Fire Investigation Training Game with Justice Institute of BC, Team Accenture, Team GenZ, VR Holocaust Memorial with Zeros2Heroes, Wet Toast Saga