Ray Rahimi

Ray Rahimi | faculty

Ray Rahimi (BSc, MEd, CELTA) is a versatile educator specializing in teaching English to speakers of other languages. With two decades of experience in helping learners in different parts of the world to improve both their language and life skills, Ray is no stranger to the linguistic and cultural challenges of mastering a foreign language as an adult. Through the years, he has developed a unique pedagogy that addresses the main issues ESL learners often face today. The guiding principle in his approach is inspiration through intellectual stimulation. Ray also sets great store by what students bring to the table, most importantly their intuitive knowledge and culture of learning. Striking a balance between achieving specific objectives and appreciating the process, Ray creates a safe yet exhilarating environment where emotional engagement sparks curiosity and promotes risk-taking, paving the way for autonomous discovery, creative self-expression, and fruitful collaboration. On this journey, learners will not only be regularly exposed to new concepts but also be trained to think critically so they can see the familiar in a new light.