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Julia Lastovikova

Julia Lastovikova

Class of: 
Dec 2019 (Cohort 13)

Digital Marketing Coordinator

  • Master of Digital Media Program
  • Centre for Digital Media
Business / Entrepreneur

Julia completed her undergrad in Clinical Psychology at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad, Russia.

After two years working as a clinical psychologist, Julia decided to enhance her skills with the help of digital media. As the result, one of her first major projects was an employee recognition system for Amazon's Supply Chain Execution team. That work is now used within one of the core business groups within Amazon. Today that project is in active use by over 4,000 employees within that business group. Julia then took part in the pre-MDM program in hopes of combining her psychology background within the technology sector to solve issues pertaining to mental health.

Her goal within the MDM program is to apply her psychology background within virtual and augmented reality to make programs more interesting and increase overall life quality. In addition, she is hoping to familiarize herself more with storytelling, UI/UX design, game design and VR/AR game design.

Website: http://www.lastovikova.works

Skill Sets: 
UI Designer
UX Designer
Marketing / Communication Specialist
Project Manager

Projects: Brain Bros, Brain Bros