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Dennis Chenard

Dennis Chenard  | staff

Director of Industry Relations

  • Master of Digital Media Program
  • Centre for Digital Media

Dennis Chenard is the Director of Industry Relations at the Centre for Digital Media. Also known as a ‘Director of Hook-Ups´ he has a history of connecting creators, producers, and distributors of digital content with peers from around the world and works with a variety of stakeholders in industry, government and education in Canada and abroad. He produces events like Digital Kung Fu, is the former director of the Vancouver International Partnering Forum (a b2b speed-dating event), creator of OpportunityAlert.ca (a social networking site for digital media companies around the world), advisor/mentor to industry/students and speaker at a variety of digital media events. His international background includes teaching computer media analysis at the University of Copenhagen, working on an EU multimedia project in Germany, leading trade missions to the US and China, and overseeing a variety of digital media projects and international trade events.