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Pre-Master of Digital Media Program Celebrates Year of Firsts

Oct 04, 2021 By Elyse Economides

What’s new in the Pre-Master of Digital Media Program for the 6th cohort of students?

The Pre-Master of Digital Media Program (Pre-MDM) is a 2 semester program (September to December and January to April) designed to help students whose second language is English prepare for entry into the Master of Digital Media program. It offers a selection of practical workshops and lectures with the direct goal of building third-tier language abilities, fluency, and coherence, and addressing practical skills, such as teamwork and project management. Following an exciting update for last year's students that upon successful completion of the Pre-MDM program, they were no longer required to take an external English language test to gain acceptance to the MDM program, this year's program is full of many more firsts for its students.

The 2021 program started the fall semester with these firsts:

  • First year with 10 students (our biggest cohort yet!)
  • First year with digital media speaking and writing bootcamps 
  • First year with a two week asynchronous project and field trip
  • First year when every journal entry students write for class has the potential to be published weekly on the new Pre-MDM blog

And, there are still many firsts to come for the program, so follow our Pre-MDM blog to stay in the loop!

Want to learn more about the Pre-MDM program? 

Instructors Dr. Aida Osian and Jason Elliott, along with instructional assistants who completed the Pre-MDM program during the previous year are the supportive team who will guide Pre-MDM students through the program, and who are always available to chat with current or prospective students. Current and former Pre-MDM students have shared their most valuable experiences in the program and how the program prepared them to confidently start a master's degree in digital media. Read some of their reflections:

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Interested in joining the Pre-MDM cohort for September 2022? Register your spot in our Pre-MDM Program Information Webinar to learn more about the program and how to apply.