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Where Do Master of Digital Media Alumni Work?

The Master of Digital Media alumni network is spread throughout the world, and is a close, supportive community. Many alumni come back as mentors or guest speakers, and interact with current students to share their experiences.

Master of Digital Media alumni work in many sectors and have high impact roles throughout the digital media industry.

MDM Graduates' Jobs Include:

Many of our alumni have also started their own digital media startup companies, either with studios at CDM or elsewhere in Vancouver.

MDM Alumni-Created Companies Include:

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MDM Student Timeline

The Master of Digital Media program is set up in a way that each student progresses through the program differently. Students graduate from the MDM program with their own unique skill sets and expertise. To show what's possible with the MDM program, here are timelines from 3 previous students that looks at where they started, how they progressed through the program and where they're now. 

MDM Student Timeline

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Alumni Testimonials

"MDM gave me the support and opportunity to find my place within the digital media industry; it’s more than just a program where you gain knowledge but a place where you gain the confidence to pursue your own ideas and acquire the tools to bring those ideas to life be they technical or industry skills. MDM gave me the foundation to start companies, raise financing, and work with world class clients." - Ryan Nadel, President at 8 Leaf Digital Productions Inc.Partner & Creative Director at Zeroes 2 Heroes Media, Executive Vice President at 20 Year Media Corp.

"My two years at the MDM have shaped me in more ways than ever imagined. It gave me a reason to step outside my creative comfort zone and surround myself with new ideas, technologies and most importantly with a group of wonderful and immensely talented people." - Karin Schmidlin, Manager at Virtual Incubation Program, Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre, University of WaterlooFaculty at University of Waterloo, Stratford Campus

"During the Master of Digital Media I learned about video game design, website development, 3D & 2D arts, programming, project management and sound. Now as an audio designer at Microsoft - Black Tusk Studios, I collaborate with level designers, animators, programmers and producers." - Jasmine Jia, Audio Designer at Microsoft (Black Tusk Studios).

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