MDM Course Calendar

The MDM Program is cohort-based and commences each year in September. Please check the latest application deadlines. The 16-month program is divided into four, four-month semesters and includes an internship.

The first semester has four core courses (Foundations of Digital Media, Interdisciplinary Improvisation, Foundations of Game Design, and Building Virtual Worlds). A fifth core course, The Visual Story, is offered in the second semester, along with a major project course. A wide range of elective courses is also available, drawn both from our four partner institutions and created by MDM faculty. The elective courses are typically taken in the third (summer) semester, along with a second major project or a student-pitched project, leading to product development and launch.

The backbone of the MDM curriculum—in semesters one, two and three—is a sequence of three supervised project courses, each of which places students in interdisciplinary teams, characterized by close interaction with both faculty members and industry professionals. The projects will be of varying duration and are structured to address differing elements of digital media. These include core areas such as interactive narrative, immersive/virtual worlds, spatial and temporal domains and 3D rendering. Team members are rotated for each new project. Students will typically devote up to 80% of their time to project work.

In the fourth semester, students do a 4-month Internship. Students are required to secure work related to digital media and get real-world experience. There is also an option to extend the internship to 8 months with the Internship Continuation.

In the fifth semester, students who choose to do an 8-month internship will enroll in DMED 531 and receive their final grade at the end of this semester. The 8-month internship is optional.

Note: A term length is 4 months. Term 1 runs September - December, Term 2 runs January - April, Term 3 runs May - August and Term 4 runs September - December.

Course Calendar

Term 1
Instructor Credits
DMED 500
Foundations of Digital Media
Dr. Richard Smith
Jon Festinger
3 - Required Term 1
DMED 502
Interdisciplinary Improvisation
Dr. Patrick Pennefather 3 - Required Term 1
DMED 503
Foundations of Game Design
Jason Elliott 3 - Required Term 1
DMED 520
Projects I - Building Virtual Worlds
Larry Bafia 6 - Required Term 1
Term 2
Instructor Credits
DMED 501
The Visual Story
George Johnson 3 - Required Term 2
DMED 521
Projects II
12 - Required Term 2
Term 3
Instructor Credits
DMED 522
Projects III
12 - Required Term 3
DMED 540
Special Topics in Digital Media
3 - Required Term 3
Term 4
Instructor Credits
DMED 530
6 - Required Term 4
Term 5
Instructor Credits
DMED 531
Internship Continuation
6 - Optional Term 5