Frequently Asked Questions - Applicants from Business, Commerce and Marketing


The following is a list of frequently asked questions about our program. If you do­n't find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to­ contact us.

Digital media fascinates me and I want to break into the area, but I don’t have any (directly) related skills. What should I submit for my samples of work?


Business students who fall into this category usually have skills to handle some aspects of project development, such as client relations or marketing. However, they often lack specific knowledge and experience of the digital media project development process that runs from concept to prototype to deliverable.

If this describes your background, we recommend you submit samples such as business plans, marketing plans or project documentation that demonstrate effective planning and show evidence of successful outcomes. If you have project-management experience, submit a visual diagram (e.g. a GANTT chart) that describes the project workflow and outlines how you completed a project on time and on budget. Be sure to include documentation of any problems you encountered during the project, and how these challenges were met. This will help demonstrate your problem-solving and critical thinking ability.