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Careers & Internships

Student Careers and Internships

An Internship Is a Requirement of the MDM Program.

Students must secure a 4-month internship related to their career objectives. The internship semester starts in the fall, following 3 semesters of course work. Students have the option to extend their internships to 8 months.

We provide guidance and support students to secure their own internships with digital media companies, non-profit organizations, or any business or organization needing an application of digital media technologies. We also support venture internships for students to develop startup ventures. In all cases, students gain industry experience and learn to use their skills and knowledge in developing real applications. Employers, in turn, get the opportunity to work with prospective employees.

CDM's Strategic Partnerships Lead provides students with ample support as they secure their internship position. In addition to our many networking events and opportunities, CDM assists students in preparing resumes and portfolios, searching for job openings, and coaching for upcoming interviews. While these resources and support are available, each student is ultimately responsible for successfully securing their own internship position.

Internship Opportunities

Our students have interned for a wide range of digital media companies throughout the world. Some examples of MDM students' internships include:

  • Assistant Game Designers, EA (several campuses)
  • E-learning Specialist, University of British Columbia
  • Art Director, Media Awareness Network (Ottawa)
  • Engineering Intern, Wooga (Berlin)
  • Social Media Strategist, OutTV (Vancouver)
  • Assistant Producer, Sega/Relic Games (Vancouver)
  • Research Associate, United States Department of Energy
  • Design Intern, MOG (Berkeley California)
  • UX Designer, Google (San Francisco)
  • Digital Media Intern, Telefonica (Spain)
  • Product Manager Intern, Wooga (Berlin)
  • Digital Communications Intern, Canadian Embassy (Beijing)

    What Employers Say About Our Interns

    "Our intern exceeded expectations in their role on the UFC development team. They engaged with very challenging aspects of UFC's gameplay engine and delivered about expectation in that area. They worked closely with our senior SE who had really great feedback on the intern's skills and abilities. Given all of this I am inclined to award our intern with the highest rating possible for this term." - EA Canada

    "Our intern was very good about presenting ideas and concepts in a professional manner, respecting peers and colleagues, and building good professional relationships with the people they engaged with on a daily basis." - SAP

    "Our intern was a pleasure to work with and consistently exceeded my expectations…They took responsibility well above the job description and never let me down. There wasn’t a task that I couldn’t assign that they weren’t able to handle, and when they did need some help to find the right solution, the intern was mature enough to ask and was always extremely amenable to feedback. Our intern has the talent and skill to become a great Producer some day and I would like to work with the intern again to help them get there. I hope we’ll be able to hire the intern upon graduation provided they haven’t found a job somewhere else first!" - Relic Entertainment

    "Overall our intern was a top notch professional with a strong skill-set and a great attitude toward their work. I would not hesitate to personally recommend the intern for any job that fits their diverse set of skills." - BroadbandTV

    "Thank you so much for providing the ability to have us work with our intern. They have been such a pleasant surprise and a really hard worker. Our intern's sound design and technical skills are excellent and they are definitely ready for a full time job in this industry. Their future is very bright, and I expect great things from them in their coming years in the videogame industry." - Microsoft Coalition

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