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An internship is an MDM program requirement: students must secure a 4-month internship related to their career objectives. Students also have the option to extend their internships to 8 months.  

We help students secure internships with digital media companies, non-profit organizations, or any business or organization needing an application of digital media technologies. Some internships do provide compensation, while others are offered as voluntary positions. We also support venture internships for students to develop startup ventures. In all cases, students gain industry experience and learn to use their skills and knowledge in developing real applications. Employers, in turn, get the opportunity to work with prospective employees.

CDM's Industry Relations Director provides students with ample support as they secure their internship position. In addition to our many networking events and opportunities, the CDM assists students in preparing resumes and portfolios, searching for job openings, and coaching for upcoming interviews. While these resources and support are available, each student is ultimately responsible for successfully securing his or her own internship position.

Internship Opportunities

Our students have interned in areas such as Assistant Producers, Development & Project Managers, Interactive and Social Media Designers, Virtual World Researchers and Technologists, and Data Visualization Specialists.

A range of digital media companies (local and international) have hired our interns including:

  • Game Companies: Microsoft, Radical Entertainment, EA, Silicon Sisters, Big Fish Games, Relic
  • Mobile Companies: Telefonica (headquartered in Spain), Nokia, MobileMUSE
  • Animation Companies: Bardel Entertainment, Rainmaker
  • Others: UBC Fisheries (Data Visualization Project), Nanyang Technical University (Singapore - Virtual Worlds Project), InTransit BC (The Virtual Tunnel Project)

Testimonials about our Interns:

Re: Assistant Producer Internship at Relic Entertainment (Dawn of War)
"Our intern was a pleasure to work with and consistently exceeded my expectations…He took responsibility well above his job description and never let me down. There wasn’t a task that I couldn’t assign him that he wasn’t able to handle, and when he did need some help to find the right solution, he was mature enough to ask and was always extremely amenable to feedback. He has the talent and skill to become a great Producer some day and I would like to work with him again to help him get there.  I hope we’ll be able to hire him upon graduation provided he hasn’t found a job somewhere else first!"

Re: Intern Assistant Producer at EA
“Our intern was a pleasure to work with.  He was organized and reliable, worked collaboratively, took initiative and was proactive. In a very short time, he integrated into the team and was able to partner with all necessary members of the team.  He was universally liked. Given the availability of a position on my team, I would hire him without question.”