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Pre-MDM Courses

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The pre-MDM is a two-semester program (September to December and January to April) comprising a series of eight courses, ultimately designed to enhance ESL students’ communication skills in the field of Digital Media, both for professional and academic purposes. It offers a selection of practical workshops and lectures with the direct goal of building third-tier language abilities: fluency, coherence and, addressing even more practical skills, teamwork and project management.

Technical Writing is specially designed for students who intend to apply their writing know-how to professional, technical fields. It is a foundational course, so the content approaches each stage through the lens of an ESL student learning the fundamentals of specialized writing. The main strategy focuses on applicability and practicality, so the workshop/collaborative model is intended to offer in-class exercise and lab assignments, which will gradually build from the existing knowledge of the English language towards a clear, cohesive and succinct writing style, suitable for technical environments.

English for Digital Media is fundamental for improving comprehension of academic topics in the field, and prepare students for the future MDM program. It is designed to attend to students' overall needs for a contextual and structural understanding of terminology, ideas, linguistic constructs, and it covers the main areas of synthesis, analysis, morphemic instruction, broad and third-tier vocabulary approaches, text factors for academic writing and instructional conversations, among others.

In Pitching & Presenting students are introduced to the specific language practices currently trending in the field of Digital Media, through contact with authentic technical-related contexts, guided practice and group, and individual projects. Topics include but are not be limited to user interface design, user experience, applications, and game design, animation and tools for animation, web graphics, software development, contemporary media, and social media theories. The workshop format allows students to practice public speaking skills as well as improve coherence, clarity, and accuracy in speech.

Communication Skills and Multi Platform Media are intended for students to learn the basics of team collaboration, ideation, and rapid iterative prototyping. It is designed to expose students to the type of projects and experiences that they will encounter in the MDM program, while utilizing the English language learnings in a practical setting. Students work in small teams, with a focus on active problem solving and agile methodologies, and are challenged to develop minimum viable products within a set of constraints, both technical and time-based.

*Pre-MDM students are also offered two weekly conversation and free writing boot camps to enhance their transition into the Canadian culture through speaking and writing activities.

FALL TERM 2022 (September - December)

DMED 540: Technical Writing I
DMED 540: English for Digital Media I
DMED 540: Pitching & Presenting I
DMED 540: Communication Skills

SPRING TERM 2023 (January - April)

DMED 540: Technical Writing II
DMED 540: English for Digital Media II
DMED 540: Pitching & Presenting II
DMED 540: Multi Platform Media