Spring 2018 MDM Electives

Students were given the opportunity to enroll in an ‘elective’ course offered at one of MDM’s partner institutions (UBC, SFU, ECUAD and BCIT). Alternately, they could choose from four diverse classes hosted at the Centre for Digital Media. Each elective runs concurrently for 13 weeks. The four offered at the CDM for 2018 include:

Business & Management
Instructor: Steve Bocska
DMED 540 Syllabus 
This course will introduce the concept of “Expert Scripts,” allowing each student to generate their own personal cognitive model for evaluating entrepreneurial opportunities and managing businesses. It will also introduce key concepts in Marketing, Economics, Finance, Organizational Development, Analysis & Statistics, and Organizational Behaviour as they relate in particular to digital products and services.

Foundations of Teaching: Becoming an Instructor of Digital Media
Instructor: Dr. Rachel Ralph
DMED 540 Syllabus
This course provides an effective encounter between the "what to teach" and "how to teach." The main goal is to provide the fundamentals for using curriculum to teach digital media. One intention is to help students develop a framework for understanding themselves as a teacher. A second major intention will be to provide students with an understanding of what teaching digital media entails, in terms of cultural-historical, ecological-natural, existential-spiritual, ethical-personal, socio-political, and technical-empirical dimensions. 

Spacetime User Experience
Instructor: Laura Ballay
DMED 540 Syllabus
This course exposes students to concepts that relate to designing products and services existing in three and four dimensions (physical space and time). It touches on the topics of physical interfaces, hybrid digital-physical spaces, navigation, wayfinding, service design, designing for emotion and speculative design/design fiction. We will spend time analyzing and deconstructing (taking things apart) experiences to understand and discuss how they work. Students will also create low fidelity, primarily non-digital, prototypes to explore and internalize these concepts.

Museums and Art Galleries in a Digital Age
Instructor: Dr. Hannah Turner
DMED 540 Syllabus
Digital technologies have transformed the ways that museums, libraries, galleries, and archives create access to their collections, how curators do their work, and the ability of publics to participate in the collective writing of local, cultural, and national histories. This introductory course explores the histories and theory of memory institutions, and the shifts enacted by the use of new media to organize and exhibit physical and digital collections.