fbpx Master of Digital Media Student Showcase 2021

Student Showcase 2021

During the Centre for Digital Media's second virtual Student Showcase, over 200 guests registered to see what Master of Digital Media students have been working on since September. Our Annual Student Showcase is a chance for industry guests to meet this year’s Master of Digital Media students and an opportunity for MDM students to showcase their project work.

Showcase Welcome Video

Meet the Students

Browse the impressive resumes and portfolios of this year's Master of Digital Media students.


Ada Tam: Concept Artist/2D Artist - adatamart.com

Al Kadivar: 3D Artist - linkedin.com/in/al-kadivar

Amber Shao: 3D Artist, Graphic Designer - ambershao.myportfolio.com

Anita Hassanpour: UI/UX Designer - anitahassanpour94.wixsite.com/portfolio

Bensson Wu: General 2D Artist - linkedin.com/in/bensson-wu-47729613a

Binyu Xu: UI/UX Designer - binyux.com

Chenjie Whatley: Multimedia Designer, Learning Experience Designer, UI/UX Designer - linkedin.com/in/chenjie-whatley-designer

Cornelia Lai: UI/UX Designer, Product Designer, Visual Designer - my.thecdm.ca/cornelialinkedin.com/in/yucornelialai

Emma Liu: UI/UX Designer, Product Designer - linkedin.com/in/emmainux

Gini Choi: Product Designer - ginichoi.calinkedin.com/in/gini-choi

Iris Zeng: UI/UX Designer, Video Editor - iriszeng.comlinkedin.com/in/iris-zeng-2021

Joyce Xiao: Product Designer, Researcher, Project Manager - joycexiao.comlinkedin.com/in/xjoyce

Karen Lee: Product Designer - gaeun-karen.design

Lan Wang: Game Designer - linkedin.com/in/lanwang-yuki; lanwang-yuki.com

Lucy Hu: 3D Artist - 957768920.wixsite.com/studio/yiwen-cdm-portfolio

Mary Wilson: UI/UX Designer, Researcher - marywildesign.com

Sarvi Hosseini: UI/UX designer, Installation Artist, Illustrator - linkedin.com/in/sarvi-hosseini-50a4421b9sarvihosseini.me

Shara Merrill: Multimedia Developer - artistar.com

Shruti Sharma: Product Designer, UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher - shrutisharmadesign.comlinkedin.com/in/ssharma15

Wynn Chen: Product/UX Designer, Product Manager - wynnchen.net

Yuri Wu: 2D Artist, Concept Artist, Product Designer - linkedin.com/in/yuriiart


Bob Kreut: 3D Artist - linkedin.com/in/bobkreut

Cindy Shi: Software Developer - cindyshi.com

Daniel Tian: Full Stack & Unity Programmer - danieltian.com

Hong Li: Web Developer, Java Developer, Graphic Creative Programming Engineer - linkedin.com/in/hong-li-1691761b0

Karan Shah: Game Designer & Unity Developer - karanshah.tk

Matthew Belford: Software Developer - linkedin.com/in/matthew-belford-790118141

Sanket Redekar: Full Stack Web Developer - sanketredekar.com

Septim Xia: Unity Developer - septimsiah.wixsite.com/portfolios

Shouyu Yang: Technical Artist, Unity Developer, 3D Artist - shouyuyang.com

Zhuoyun Wei: Software Developer - wzyboy.org


Aashay Mehta: Scrum Master, Project Manager, UI/UX Designer - doncorve.github.io/portfoliolinkedin.com/in/doncorve

Chelsea Chang: Game Designer - linkedin.com/in/qiuzichang

Denis Morozov: Project Manager, Business Developer - morozovdenis.com

Inda Macias: Project Manager, Video Producer - linkedin.com/in/indamg

Neelesh Nair: Animator, Technical Artist, XR-Developer - linkedin.com/in/neeleshnair

Tim Matindas: Producer, Product Manager, Project Manager - linkedin.com/in/tim-matindas-97b9008

Tom Hackett: Producer - vimeo.com/349333289

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