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International Students

International students in the Master of Digital Media program

International Students In the Master of Digital Media Program

The Master of Digital program attracts students from all over the world and has had students from over 20 different countries. For many of these students, it is their first time living outside their home countries.

Vancouver is known for its vibrant multi-cultural population, and welcomes international students with open arms. The Centre for Digital Media is no different, and international students find themselves in the midst of the supportive Centre for Digital Media community. 

On average, Master of Digital Media cohorts are comprised of 60-70% international students. The varied nature of each cohort lends many opportunities for students to experience other cultures and support each other in improving communication skills.

The Centre for Digital Media is a great place to build connections with people from all over the world.


Watch What International Students Say About the MDM Program

Indian Student Bony Banerjee

Brazilian Student Edward Bauman

American Student Gwen Schwartz

Egyptian Student Kareem Negm