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This course is a supported career exploration term, rather than a lecture based, in-classroom course. This course is the only course students take in the fourth term of their studies in the MDM Program and it provides students with the opportunity to pursue full-time work or other professional development opportunities.​

For the duration of this course, international students are granted a work visa with the language that states “valid only for internship/co-op/practicum related to studies” which is standard language from IRCC for student work visas. Because the MDM internship course is worth 6 credits of the 51 total credits required to complete the Master of Digital Media Program, students are allowed to work full-time jobs for any company with their co-op work permit. The positions they are hired into do not need to be traditional co-op or internship positions, and in fact many of our students have found full-time positions that were not co-ops or internships. They can also work part-time or do co-ops or internships as well.

Fall 2023 Course Outline


6 Required

Program Year


Term(s) offered

Term 4