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UBC/SFU Digital Media Practicum

A collaborative directed studies program involving SFU Computing ScienceUBC Computer Science, and Centre for Digital Media.

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Interested in digital media coursework (animation, games, social networking tools, education tools, etc.) in your program?

This course is aimed at SFU Computing Science and UBC Computer Science students with third or fourth year standing. Typically, student cohorts will be in one or both of the January - April and May - August terms each year.

  • January - April applications typically open in late September and close in late October.
  • May - August applications typically open in early February and close in early March.

About the program

You will join a team at Centre for Digital Media (CDM) at least two days every week to create a cutting-edge interactive media project over one term. You'll work with 5-7 students in the Masters of Digital Media program at CDM to complete and deliver the industry-sponsored project. You'll gain hands-on, intense project experience on a highly interdisciplinary team, learn and practice agile software design methodologies common in industry, and generate an impressive addition to your portfolio.

Your team will have dedicated design space at CDM and access to its extensive resources, including experts in interactive digital media design and the agile design process; a library of movies, games, and texts; VR headsets; a 3-D printer; and more. As a SFU or UBC student, you will also continue to have access to resources at your university. You'll be mentored by a faculty member at CDM and a faculty member in your department at SFU or UBC.

The project will require a substantial investment of time and energy. If you think you may need to withdraw, DO NOT SIGN UP. Your teammates will be graduate students in their Masters program working full-time on the project. You will be in a six-credit course, so working about half-time. Your role within the project will be crucial to the team's success.

It will be a ton of work, a ton of fun, a great learning opportunity, a fabulous way to network, and a fascinating and impressive entry in your portfolio.

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Next Offering

Offerings are in January - April and May - August. Applications are due at 11:59PM on October 25 for Jan-Apr offerings and March 3 for May-Aug offerings. (When the deadline is a weekend/holiday, applications are due at 11:59PM on the next business day.)

Contact us

If you have questions that are not answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page, please contact