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  • International Students in the Master of Digital Media Program

    International Students

    MDM student cohorts are comprised of 60-70% international students. Hear what international students say about the Master of Digital Media Program.

  • What You Learn

    The MDM program develops 6 core competencies. Together they comprise a skill set and an approach to building, managing and leading digital media projects.

The Master of Digital Media program (MDM) is an internationally recognized, research informed, and industry relevant professional graduate program that engages students in the development of digital media products.

The Master of Digital Media is Canada’s first professional graduate program in digital media focusing on the creation of digital media solutions for real world problems. Students come from a variety of backgrounds including filmmaking, engineering, game design, business analysis, architecture, software engineers, artists, primatology, biology, and advertising.

Housed at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver BC, this intensive 16-month program engages students through coursework and projects to develop essential communication, collaboration & leadership skills. The unique curriculum meets the needs of the new and expanding digital media markets across all business verticals including healthcare, education, business and the entertainment industry.

Guided by top-level faculty and industry mentors, students work closely with clients and peers on team-based, industry supported digital media projects. This experience allows graduates the know-how and confidence to work at the highest level across all sectors as creators, producers, innovators or entrepreneurs.

Looking for more information? Download the MDM Viewbook:

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Graduates gain the skills and knowledge that help them to:

  • Collaborate and communicate effectively in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Create comprehensive business strategies and manage development projects.
  • Design and deliver innovative, high-grade products to clients on time and on budget.

The program also helps develop six core competencies valued in the digital media industry:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Articulation
  • Design process
  • Time management
  • Information literacy
  • Teamwork

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  • What Alumni are Saying

    MDM gave the support and opportunity to find my place within the digital media industry; it’s more than just a program where you gain knowledge but a place where you gain the confidence to pursue your own ideas and acquire the tools to bring those ideas to life be they technical or industry skills. MDM gave me the foundation to start companies, raise financing, and work with world class clients.
    Ryan Nadel, President, 8 Leaf Digital Productions Inc. Partner & Creative Director, Zeroes 2 Heroes Media Executive Vice President, 20 Year Media Corp.
  • What Alumni are Saying

    The MDM gave us invaluable opportunities to work together with several partner companies in projects that give us a glimpse at the real work life in the gaming and other industries.
    Marcel Tau, Associate Producer, Electronic Arts
  • What Alumni are Saying

    I cannot stress enough how the lessons we learned at MDM gave us the tools to start our careers and become successful leaders in a company as exciting and innovative as Hothead Games.
    Ryan Wong, Project Manager, Hothead Games
  • What Alumni are Saying

    My two years at the MDM have shaped me in more ways than ever imagined. It gave me a reason to step outside my creative comfort zone and surround myself with new ideas, technologies and most importantly with a group of wonderful and immensely talented people. 
    Karin Schmidlin, Manager Virtual Incubation Program, CONRAD Business Centre, University of Waterloo
  • What Alumni are Saying

    During the Master of Digital Media I learned about video game design, website development, 3D & 2D arts, programming, project management and sound. Now as an audio designer at Microsoft - Black Tusk Studios, I collaborate with level designers, animators, programmers and producers.   
    Jasmine Jia, Audio Designer, Microsoft (Black Tusk Studios)

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