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Short-duration courses that will help you build in-demand skills.

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Benefits of a micro-credential

Micro-credentials enable you to quickly reskill or upskill to advance your career, ensuring you have the right skills to meet the evolving needs of your current or future employer. All of Centre for Digital Media's micro-credentials are created with industry in mind and tend to be more flexible and lower cost than traditional education.

Computer Science and Creative Technology Careers

These two microcredentials will provide those interested in technical careers within the creative and technology industries with the essential communication skills needed to progress through the recruitment process and thrive in the workplace.  

Leadership and Agile Production Management

This micro-credential will equip you with a broad understanding of management and leadership through agile and hybrid methodologies. You will develop essential skills (principles, concepts, tools, and techniques) for people management while exploring leadership management practices and tools. This course will also address remote/hybrid work models. 

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