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Mindset Foundation

Mindset Social Innovation Foundation is about supporting initiatives that take risks and capitalize on the power of the collective to realize the emergent possibilities in sharing.

It is a house of collaboration, entrepreneurship and social innovation. Mindset brings together individuals that have the capacity to make a difference and expand awareness of underrepresented issues. The foundation has supported educational institutions, governments, UN organizations, policy makers and artists to develop new social, economical and political paradigms that can change the world. Together with its partners, Mindset inspires movements that shift the way global citizens THINK, FEEL and ACT towards some of the most pressing issues of our time: HIV/AIDS, Child Soldiers and Access to Life-saving Drugs. Mindset provides funding to the collaboration process and explores its networks to connect the people and organizations who are needed to find solutions. The foundation is very interested in researching public perceptions and context, and seeks to change mindset surrounding those issues…through whatever means imaginable.

Open Health Initiative