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Aamrah Moin Khan


Aamrah completed her Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the Lahore University of Management Sciences. She can program in C++, C, Python, Javascript, and has also worked in Unity and UX/UI. On the front-end, she’s comfortable working with bootstrap.

Aamrah truly enjoys working on projects for children and wishes to explore new, engaging methods of storytelling to help them in any way. Her senior project targeted dyslexic children to help them develop a keener interest in reading, where she built the overarching app and graphics for an interactive and tangible story. Additionally, she worked on an AAC application for non-verbal autistic children in Pakistan called Bol.

At the Centre for Digital Media, Aamrah wishes to become a better designer and gain some project management skills. She would like to come up with new methods of linear and non-linear storytelling by harnessing the powers of digital media. In her spare time she enjoys improving her Unity skills, reading graphic novels and making comics.


Dec 2019 (Cohort 13)


  • Front End Developer
  • UX Designer
  • Programmer (C++, C#, Python, Java...)
  • Writer