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Adson (Linan) Xie graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Digital Media Art (Game Design) from the Communication University of China (CUC) in Beijing. He has a great passion for game development and is eager to absorb new knowledge in this area. As part of his studies at CUC, Adson made games using Flash and the Unity 3D game engine. On these team projects he worked as Programmer and Game Designer. The Master of Digital Media (MDM) program will be a step forward on his quest to learn the newest technologies in game development. He also sees the MDM as an opportunity to make really fun games and learn from equally passionate classmates.

Through the MDM program, Adson has developed his game designing skills as well as programming skills. In his first industry project, Adson collaborated with Hothead Games to improve the monetization of the games “Sea Stars” and “Zombie Ace”.  He dug into Flurry and analyzed the data from “Sea Stars”, to find solutions that improve the monetization of this particular game. Currently, he is working on an industry project with East Side Games where he is programming and creating a word game in Unity3d.

Adson is now seeking an internship opportunity in Programming and Game Design.


Dec 2013 (Cohort 7)