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Alice Kong

Alice Kong  | student

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Dec 2023 (Cohort 17)

Alice Kong is an enthusiastic, hardworking graphic designer who graduated with first class in Graphic Communication and Illustration from Loughborough University. She has worked on projects such as branding, illustrating, graphics and animation which made her comfortable in creating designs with the Adobe Cloud Suite. Before getting into digital arts, Alice has always loved to paint and draw with traditional mediums. In 2018, she achieved the highest mark in Hong Kong as an Outstanding Pearson Learner Award in Pearson Edexcel International GCSE art and design: Fine Art.

Alice is a big advocate of telling a story. She recognizes that effectively telling a story for a company, game or product adds value to the outcome. That is why Alice is keen on designing a brand or illustration that effectively communicates the idea and story to the audience. To broaden her knowledge, Alice enjoys experimenting with traditional media and spending a day studying topics such as psychology and user interface design.

Projects: Esagono: Mobile Wound Care Application