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Andrea Del Rio


Andrea started her career in business with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. She worked as a management consultant for three years while transitioning into web programming. She moved to Ottawa, Ontario to attend a web development bootcamp before returning to Lima to found a startup where she learned a lot about entrepreneurship.

Later, Andrea joined Laboratoria as an instructor and developer. She taught web development to underprivileged Latin American women, and helped integrate them into the workforce. She saw up close how technical skills could provide opportunities for social development.

Andrea’s background in web literacy and women’s rights was key to her being accepted to the FordMozilla Open Web Fellowship. During the fellowship, she worked with South African based organization APC to build interactive web applications. She then obtained a summer internship with the Release Operations team at the Mozilla Corporation where she worked to improve the UX and UI of TaskCluster Tools.

Andrea chose the MDM as the next step in her career because she wanted to learn about the latest technologies with talented professionals from all over the world. She also loves Canada!

One interesting fact about Andrea: She was once named one of Peru’s Best Young Economists by the country’s Central Bank.


Dec 2017 (Cohort 11)


  • Front End Developer
  • UX Designer