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David is a light-hearted and loving father, husband, polyglot and academic, who is a true nerd at heart. He is a self-taught learner and self-motivated developer.

Accordingly, with a BA in Liberal Arts, an MA in Philology, and PhD (cand) in Cognitive Linguistics, David possesses a wide range of skill sets as primarily a project manager, content creator, and developer. He has worked to apply critical thinking skills, qualitative research methods, and his entrepreneurial spirit in developing gamified e-learning experiences and specifically language learning solutions. David sees much potential in incorporating neurological, cognitive, and behavioural psychological insights with burgeoning technologies to create products that can foster individual and societal well-being.

For example, after observing the lack of adequate resources to teach ancient languages to the majority of interested learners, he prototyped, designed, produced, and marketed a program called Immersio to teach ancient languages with communicative methodologies that is currently in use in multiple post-secondary settings. And he has been a project manager for large scale philological projects like the Greek Psalter Project, and Trinity Western University’s WATER (= web application for textual and exegetical research) environment.

David is at the CDM is to further his skill sets in tackling real world problems, broaden his perspective by working with diverse and talented people, and get connected with the digital media industry in British Columbia.


Dec 2019 (Cohort 13)


  • Entrepreneur
  • Game Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Writer