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Eugene is an interactive experience designer experienced in data analyzing, UX design and sound design. She holds a bachelor's degree in Statistics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Eugene worked at PRIZM, a digital marketing agency, which gave her insight into digital marketing and interactive design. Moreover, she served as a project assistant at AON Hong Kong Limited, which refined her data analysis and research skills. With these experiences, Eugene was equipped with a highly relevant and unique skill set that allows her to harness collected data in planning, constructing, and assessing designs.
Her individual avocations include audio and music production, having released several singles under the pseudonym KKM. Moreover, she has participated in theatre productions as a sound designer.
She believes that engaging storytelling is the key to successful design. In the MDM program, she is looking forward to further developing her abilities and building her knowledge in digital storytelling.


Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)


  • Database Administrator
  • UX Designer
  • Marketing / Communication Specialist
  • Sound Designer