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Eugene Chau

Eugene Chau  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)

Artist / Designer

Eugene is a sound designer experienced in sound effect production and audio speech development. She is also a music producer with her own independent music studio.
Having a bachelor's degree in Statistics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she worked in a digital marketing company which gave her the insight of social media and understanding the customers' need. However, she realized that her dream is pursuing a career in the audio industry. 
Her greatest avocations are audio and music production. Eugene has learned piano and music theory since 7-years-old. Starting from high school, she produced a series of music with DAW. She released several pieces of music and set up her online music studio, KAGE studio. Moreover, she engaged in audio design in theatre productions. She also mastered voice-over production (recording, mastering, post-effect) from the radio arts program in BCIT.
In the MDM program, she would like to leverage her audio production skills and cooperate with professionals from various industries. 

Skill Sets: 
Database Administrator
Marketing / Communication Specialist
Sound Designer

Projects: Gold Mania with Truly Social Games