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Ezra Istiroti Levi


A loving father, husband, and hard working professional who’s a geek at heart.

With a bachelor’s in Communication Science and a Digital Design Diploma from Vancouver Film School, I’ve had the fortune to work with clients such as The Coca-Cola Company, McDonald’s, Goldtooth Creative, TELUS and Hootsuite. 

Always reading about technology, listening to several podcast with a wide range of topics, from design and architecture to computer science and languages. A life-long student in search of that new software or tool to take advantage of in any given project. Striving for an elegant, simple solution to the challenge at hand. Comfortable with public speaking and always looking for long lasting relationships while maintaining a proper work ethic and encouraging a comfortable environment that’s open for discussion and collaboration. 

A committed member of any group I partake — a martial arts dojo, a scout movement, an Israeli folklore dance crew or a volunteer paramedic in Mexico City — and a cultural baggage spanning two continents, three countries and five languages, are what differentiate me and allow me to see things from more than one point of view, while taking other into consideration.


Dec 2018 (Cohort 12)


  • 2D Designer
  • Animator / VFX
  • Sound Designer
  • Video Editor