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Haoyu Li


Haoyu received his Bachelor degree from Beihang University in Remote Sensing in Beijing, China. The program he attended comes from a branch of electrical and computer engineer allowing him to be very versatile. He joined the IDEA-X program at the CDM where he worked with a group of 3 people as the front-end web developer. His final project was an automotive navigation system using dead reckoning with a model car that can draw the track of the car. He created the design, building and data processing all by himself under the guidance of a supervisor. He gained a lot of design knowledge and experience throughout the process.

He enjoys working in a team, that’s why he worked in an X-ray Projector project where he was in charge of x-ray detection and protection. His group participated in FENGRUCUP, which is the biggest competition in his school where they won 2nd place.  

Haoyu is skilled with the mechanics of a laser, coding in C and image processing. Even though he has no formal education in piano, he loves to play it and he also enjoys learning about Psychology.

He is very interested in interactive media and how to apply Psychology in his work. He’s very interested in the behavioural psychology of gamers and working in a team.


Dec 2017 (Cohort 11)


  • Programmer (C++, C#, Python, Java...)
  • Web Developer (HTML/CSS/Java Script...)