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Born and raised a Korean-Canadian in Vancouver, Jonathan Lee graduated from UBC's BFA Visual Arts program in 2011 and has since worked as a corporate/freelance videographer for instituteB. Upon realizing his passions exist in visual storytelling and cinematics, Jonathan co-founded creative production company, Defla Studio, focusing on branded documentary, artist profile and digital storytelling.

As a graduate student at the CDM, he is now extending his broad experience into the UX design field, specifically towards healthcare and education. He is interested in the ethical questions and challenges surrounding emergent technology that will be making their mark on tomorrow's world. Beyond Jonathan's acute aesthetic sensibilities, he is first and foremost a critical thinker, possessing the ability to visually craft and communicate ideas, patterns, and design solutions. His ambitions are to develop meaningful and emotive moments by placing the end user experience as the primary point of departure for all design strategy.


Dec 2015 (Cohort 9)


  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer