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Judy Leung

Judy Leung.jpg

Judy Leung worked as a graphic designer before she pursued art education in the United Kingdom. She studied illustration and photography at the University of Brighton, UK, and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts, majoring in illustration and photography. Her works have been exhibited at major venues in England and Hong Kong. Judy’s photographs and video clips specialize in illustrating the moment of expression and narrating the moment of relation with the audience.

Judy returned to Hong Kong and worked as a graduate art teacher in a secondary school for 7 years. After she migrated to Canada, she worked as a graphic designer and a studio manager for a nationwide portrait studio, and has engaged heavily in photography training, posture creativities and studio management. Judy received a certificate of Traditional Animation from the Vancouver Film School. She also received a Bachelor of Education from The University of British Columbia in 2011.

Judy is interested in using digital media to connect with her audience. Her research will focus on creating and implementing digital media technologies to inspire students’ aspirations.


Dec 2013 (Cohort 7)