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Omar is a software developer, with a B.Sc as Computer System Engineer from Universidad de Monterrey in Mexico.

In 2010, during his studies, he had the opportunity to work with the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University’s campus in Japan. It was here that Omar discovered what he wanted to do with his skills and interests in computer science. Working with a real client and a team of interdisciplinary graduate students team on a project called Oceanus, the team designed an interactive LED ceiling experience for use at the 2012 World Expo in Yeosu, South Korea. Omar was able to experiment in fields like multitouch technologies, sound recognition, camera vision and electronic kits like Arduino.

In 2012, Omar joined a local startup company called Mesquitestudio seeking to broaden his code development skills, collaborating on more than fifteen iOS mobile apps.

With his experiences as a lead project developer and his interests in UI/UX design, he co-founded Segartek, a startup company focused in interactive digital solutions for the common people, using wearables and specialized software.

He believes there is a strong glue between art and technology from which new businesses can emerge. This is why he decided to join the MDM program. To learn the processes and strategies to succeed and develop in the entrepreneur environment from top industry experts.


Dec 2015 (Cohort 9)


  • Front End Developer
  • Programmer (C++, C#, Python, Java...)
  • Mobile Devices Developer
  • Web Developer (HTML/CSS/Java Script...)