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Ying is a passionate UI/UX and product designer who has six years of interdisciplinary industry background. She applied her Human-Centred Design(HCD) knowledge to various projects, especially in Responsive Web Design and Mobile App Design. With her strong addiction to design, her enthusiasm also concentrates on making side projects of digital art, graphic design, and motion design. Following this goal, she’s now working on Neesh App as a Founder/Product Designer and is open to taking any intriguing design opportunities.

Before Ying graduated with her Master's degree in Digital Media at UBC, She taught herself persistently with design skills and finally became a professional designer. Ying is proficient in using Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD for UI/UX design, and she is experienced in creating interactive prototypes using tools like Invision, Flinto, and Principle. Her graphic and visual design skills are honed using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, she has a strong understanding of web design principles and has worked with platforms such as WordPress, Wix, HTML5, and CSS3.

Qualifications and accomplishments I bring to the table include:
Ying Initiated HCD and management to collaborate with the team. She provoked and led designers and programmers to adopt Human-Centred Design(HCD) in the product from 0 to 1. Furthermore, She led the team to build everything from scratch with workshops (e.g. mood board & role play) in Neesh’s team. This change made their development processes follow the user-thinking model, and every step runs smoothly. 

Ying is highly adaptive and immerses myself well in a dynamic environment. When she worked in ixFintech and BIB Solution, Ying made multi-modal systems with interactions and solved complicated design challenges (including responsive web design projects, interface, video-making, graphic, animating and printing design tasks) with thoughtful guidelines in mind. she also evaluated the usability and value in every part of the design, ensured every process is appropriate for users and was pleased to explain the design thinking to everyone involved. 

Ying specialized in rapid prototype & manufacture. As a versatile UI designer, she worked remotely with Chefling (located in Silicon Valley) and provided detailed hi-fi prototypes every day to accomplish the IoT project within one month. Also, Ying helped identify the technical limitations of this IoT product, and its micro-interactions and formed a dynamic system with the UX team.

Besides her love of design, she fancies travel, poem, LGBTQ2+, movies, lo-fi/techno music, eco-friendly issues, food, and bubble tea. She travelled to 25 different countries and enjoyed cultural immersion while she was on her 1-year exchange student journey.

Human beings build AR/VR/XR and whatever R to cheat the brain into having virtual experiences with extraordinary visuals. Ying loves to create these phenomenal experiences for people and is meanwhile obsessed with them. Therefore, if you found a female sitting behind an aesthetic visual product, wearing colourful cloth, drinking bubble tea, then congratulations, the one you caught must be her: your next best collaborator-Ying Lai.




Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


  • 2D Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer