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Ying Lai

Ying Lai  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)

Artist / Designer

Did you learn about Ying before? Let me introduce her briefly. Ying is a passionate UI/UX and visual designer who has six years of interdisciplinary background. With her strong addiction to design, her enthusiasm also concentrates on making side projects of digital art, graphic design, 3D modelling, and motion design. Following this goal, she’s now working at SFU’s Media and Maker Common‘s AR/VR studio and is open to take any intriguing opportunity related to her favourite subject: design.

After Ying’s 1-year exchange student life at JKU in Austria, she decided to chase her long-term dream of design. Even though her undergraduate training is in aviation and maritime management, she taught herself persistently among design skills and finally became a designer.

In 2017, Ying first realized the importance of Human-Centred Design(HCD) after accomplishing the HCD workshop-based course, provided by IDEO and +Acumen. Since then, she has initiated it in her team projects, which improved the user experience of the products. The process of user interviews, sketches, wireframing, role-playing, and information architecture provoked other designers and programmers to adopt HCD to make every step run smoothly.

One year later, Ying worked remotely with Chefling at Silicon Valley and specialized in rapid hi-fi UI prototypes. She helped the UX team create the product’s micro-interactions and achieved the IoT project to make users operate appliances by their phone seamlessly.

In her most recent full-time position, Ying adapted well to ixFintech in a dynamic environment. As a UI/UX designer, she made interface designs related to cryptocurrency and built multi-modal systems with interactions and solved complicated design challenges (including video-making, graphic and animating tasks) with thoughtful guidelines in mind.

As a street learner, Ying is not only delicate on UI/UX design, she also expects to learn everything about visual and digital design during her time at the Centre for Digital Media, especially in film/AR/VR/motion design fields and teamwork abilities.

Besides her love of design, she fancies travel, poem, LGBTQ+, movies, lo-fi music, eco-friendly issues, food, and bubble tea. She travelled to 25 different countries to enjoy the cultural immersion. Also, she recently built her first NFT world so buyers can support her artworks directly via cryptocurrency, and she’s willing to share the fantastic experience with others.

Human beings build AR/VR/XR and whatever R to cheat the brain into having virtual experiences with extraordinary visuals. Ying loves to create these phenomenal experiences for people and is meanwhile obsessed with them. Therefore, if you found a female sitting behind an aesthetic visual product, wearing colourful cloth, drinking bubble tea, then congratulations, the one you caught must be her: your next best collaborator-Ying Lai.

Skill Sets: 
2D Designer
UI Designer
UX Designer

Projects: Mobile Augmented Reality Experience with Northwest Territories Tourism, Shoutout: Community Mobile App for LGBTQ2+ College Students and On-Campus Organizations