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Ivy (Yuhan) Sang

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Ivy (Yuhan) Sang graduated from the Communication University of China in 2011. She was granted a two year national scholarship as well as a two year first-class scholarship. In 2010, she worked as an UI designer at (Chinese Twitter) in the music department. Then, in 2011 she worked as a product manager on to Linkedin). She designed online products and led a small team, and in result the amount of registered users increased drastically.

As an experienced UI / UX designer, Ivy Sang has strong Adobe software skills and is passionate about building teams. She believes that goal-directed interactive designs to help solve user pain points. Looking to grow and learn more about UI/UX in digital media, she found her way to the CDM. There she gained many enjoyable experiences working in projects with people from various backgrounds. She enjoys working in these multicultural environments while striving to challenge herself to grow upon her ability to collaborate with others as well as her professional skills.


Dec 2013 (Cohort 7)
Ivy's Portfolio