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Visiting Students

James Chung

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James is a post-baccalaureate student in computer science (BCS) at UBC. He has taken a non-traditional path to becoming a software engineer, starting with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. While in undergrad, James performed research in drug discovery and neuroscience and after graduating, moved on to a marketing consulting role for the pharma industry, advising clients such as AstraZeneca and Biogen. He came back to school in 2019 to pursue a career in tech, because he realized that it was the computational aspect of chemistry and research that he enjoyed most. Since this transition, he has worked as a developer at companies such as SAP, Later, and HubSpot. He is proficient in full-stack development using modern technologies such as Spring Boot and React.js. In his free time, you can find James exploring the outdoors in beautiful B.C. and trying out new recipes for Korean dishes.