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Visiting Students

Peter Luong

SFU Peter Luong.JPG
Peter Luong is a student at Simon Fraser University where he is majoring in Computing Science with a concentration in Computer Graphics and Multimedia. His interest in game development sparked during the first year at SFU when he worked on a group project to write a CHIP-8 emulator and CHIP-8 games. Inspired by the first generation of video games and how they have evolved to become modern video games as today, his first thought was that video games and computer graphics are the tools to make human imagination turn into reality. In 2021, Peter became a Client Engineer intern at Gear Inc., a mobile game company based in Vietnam, where he started to develop games with Unity. From this experience, he learned the value of hard work and iterative improvement in developing video games. Peter aspires to pursue a career in the game industry and his goal is to work with a small group of passionate people to deliver the best games to players. He also spends his spare time doing boxing training and playing soccer with his friends. Skill Sets: Programming languages: C/C++, C#, Javascript, Typescript, Java Tools/Frameworks: Unity, SDL2, Nodejs, Express, Angular