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Keep Cool

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The “Keep Cool” project is an interactive playable narrative created in collaboration with Dreamrider Theatre. Young children ages eight to ten can use the interface to learn more about the environment and make behavioral changes at home to help make an ecological difference. The interactive narrative consists of animated sequences with playable mini games and pledges that shows children how they can help the environment in their own homes and allow them to check back and log the changes that they’ve made. Using bold, fun and appealing visuals, the “Keep Cool” project uses real world metrics to visualize how simple behavioral changes can amount to a large difference. Returning users will also be able to view the pledges they committed to in their last visit. These pledges are trackable, giving Dreamrider Theatre statistics for funding, displaying the effectiveness of behavioural change in the communities they visit. The interactivity and engaging storyline combined with simple real life parallels and metrics will provide parents and teachers a great teaching device for instilling simple ideas for changes that can be adopted for years to come.