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CDM Celebrates Cohort 13

CDM is thrilled to congratulate this year's Master of Digital Media graduating class on their convocation. 

In celebration of Cohort 13, the Centre for Digital Media invites you to view a list of grads, watch their student video and watch a recording of their virtual convocation reception that was held on June 11th.

They deserve to be very proud of their accomplishments and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors. The students proved themselves to be leaders in digital media and they will always be remembered as a special cohort.

Congratulations graduates!

See a list of all of the graduating students. C12 students, Charity Principe and Joseph Coombes, also joined the C13's in completing their degree requirements and graduating this year.

Watch Cohort 13 Share What They Learned in the MDM Program

Watch the Virtual Convocation Reception