Interdisciplinary Improvisation

MDM course calendar

Credits: 3

This course develops many of the group and interpersonal core competencies that the digital media industry requires, and is the catalyst that makes the MDM experience so unique. The digital media industry depends and thrives on the interdependence, collaborative ability, and adaptability of its team members. The tools and exercises in this course are drawn from improvised comedy, music, clown, design thinking and visual design. They introduce students to common team-based industry practices. They will be able to improve various aspects of their creative and collaborative design skills, assess their ability to collaborate under pressure, become more adaptive, and determine what areas they can continue to develop.

Learning outcomes of the course for each student include:


  • Learning what kind of collaborator they are, and identifying areas of improvement in this regard
  • Identifying and practising methods for spontaneous problem solving 
  • Improving communication and presentation skills
  • Negotiating within a team
  • Applying ideation and visual modelling techniques for better team alignment


The course is constructed as a series of 3-hour workshops, with aural, visual and kinesthetic exercises.