fbpx Employers: Working With the Centre for Digital Media

Employers: Working With the Centre for Digital Media

Employers Overview

The Centre for Digital Media connects companies with highly qualified digital media expertise, through interns, alumni and industry projects. Our students and alumni represent some of the top talent in the digital media industry and have a range of skills and backgrounds—they are programmers, artists, designers, producers and entrepreneurs.

Companies partner with the Centre for Digital Media by hiring our interns, guest speaking at professional development events and working with Master of Digital Media students on accelerated collaborative projects to develop R&D, prototypes, proof of concept and playable demos.

The Master of Digital Media program engages students through coursework and projects to develop essential communication, collaboration & leadership skills. Our unique learning environment means that our students leave with the skills in work at the highest level in the industry. 


  • Interns are available every fall. 
  • The internship period is typically 4-8 months.
  • If there is a good fit interns can stay on after their internship period as employees. 
  • Compensation is whatever is mutually agreeable between intern and employer.

Contact Dr. Dave Fracchia to learn more about the MDM Internship program.

Email: Dave_Fracchia@thecdm.ca

Job Postings

  • Employment opportunities for new hires or job postings can be shared any time of the year to our alumni network to hire an MDM graduate.
  • We have a growing alumni network available for full-time or contract roles throughout the year.
  • Search our database of students and alumni by skill.

Industry Projects

  • Companies can have R&D work completed in a cost-effective partnership.
  • Employers can assess potential talent before they graduate.
  • Company representatives become mentors on the projects.
  • The next round of in-house industry projects start January (proposals due Oct 31) and May (proposals due Feb 28).
  • Search our database of projects by genre, client or project platform

Guest Speaking Opportunities

  • Employers can become guest speakers to students and alumni throughout the year.
  • Employers provide and participate in professional development training and workshops.


Dennis Chenard, Director of Industry Relations

Email: dennis_chenard@thecdm.ca  Phone: 778-370-1015

Watch an Overview of the Master of Digital Media Program

What Employers Are Saying

  • The CDM contributes in a really positive way. Working with students is great for iterations and prototypes and we have hired a number of graduates. One of the benefits of working with the program is that we get to know the students and they get to know us.

    James Hursthouse, CEO/Co-Founder Roadhouse Interactive

  • The MDM team was fantastic to work with. They got what we wanted to do. Extremely professional, extremely aware. I tell everyone that this is a fantastic program.

    Michael Hefferon, President/Chief Creative Officer Rainmaker