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Working With Centre for Digital Media

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Collaborate with our talented team!

Centre for Digital Media connects companies with highly qualified digital media expertise, through student interns, alumni, and industry projects. Our students and alumni represent some of the top talent in the creative technology industries and have a range of skills and backgrounds—they are product managers, project managers, programmers, artists, designers, producers, and entrepreneurs.

Companies partner with Centre for Digital Media by hiring our students, guest speaking at professional development events and working with Master of Digital Media students on accelerated collaborative projects to develop R&D, prototypes, proof of concept and playable demos.

The Master of Digital Media program engages students through coursework and projects to develop essential communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. Our unique learning environment means that our students graduate with industry-ready competencies and applied, team-based client project experience.

R&D Industry-Led Projects

Ideal partnership prospects for our program involve clients who are keen to explore the application of innovation-based or disruptive solutions to challenges which are R&D-based in nature.

The intention is not to simulate a work-for-hire scenario, but rather to provide a setting where student teams leverage their creativity and gain practical experience while availing themselves of client insights, faculty member expertise, and the program's technology infrastructure. Deliverables can range from documentation to playable prototypes or proof-of-concept demos.

Check out the list of who we've partnered with in the past!


  • Projects II runs during the Spring Semester, from January to April. Deadline for proposals: October 31, 2022
  • Projects III runs during the Summer Semester, from May to August. Deadline for proposals: February 28, 2023

What We're Looking For

Proposals can be 1-2 pages with your project’s high-level idea(s), 1-2 team member bios and company boilerplate info, and potential partnership ideas. Projects must be research and development related (so not work-for-hire or outsourcing but more proof-of-concept, proof-of-fun, prototype development related). Please email proposals to our Strategic Partnerships Lead, Su Skerl.

Want to see the project work of past student teams? Browse our database of projects by genre, client or project platform.

Guest Speaking Opportunities

  • Employers can become guest speakers to students and alumni throughout the year.
  • Employers provide and participate in professional development training and workshops.


The internship term synthesizes what has been learned in the MDM program and demonstrates how learning informs practice. The internship provides students with real-world experiences and allows them to continue to develop effective communication, collaboration, project management, and team cooperation skills.

  • Our MDM students are available as interns (or employees) every fall. 
  • The internship period is typically 4 months, but can be extended.
  • If there is a good fit interns can stay on after their internship period as employees. 
  • Compensation is whatever is mutually agreeable between intern and employer.

Contact Su Skerl to learn more about the MDM Internship program.


Job Postings

  • Employment opportunities for new hires or job postings can be shared any time of the year to our alumni network to hire an MDM graduate.
  • We have a growing alumni network available for full-time or contract roles throughout the year.
  • Search our database of students and alumni by skill.

Want To Partner With Us?

Contact our Industry Relations Team