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Evolution of Gaming

Evolution of Gaming is an event sponsored by the Centre for Digital Media (CDM) that will present a tribute to the game industry and show the evolution in the history of gaming.

The exhibition will take place during the summer of 2014, and it explores how the game industry has evolved from the classic games to what we interact today. In fact, visitors not only will learn more about the industry, but they will be able to explore different lounge sections in the event as they interact, network and without any doubts, play games.

The goal here is to create an annual event that will showcase the evolution of video games, allowing the user to interact and understand more about how games have evolved through graphics, interface, music, gameplay, technology and how the player has also changed throughout this process.

In this context, the exhibition itself will present the historical aspects of gaming, but it will also allow some users to enjoy these experiences for the first time and others to appreciate the low-res aesthetics of the early games through the use of the current high technology we have.

One of the curators of this exposition and also part of the CDM faculty, Kimberly Voll is also a game developer and a software engineer. She is also one of the coordinator of one of the biggest and most popular meet ups for independent game developers, Vancouver’s Full Indie.


The other curators behind this project are Isabelle Arvers, a French media critic and author specialized in video and computer games, web animation, retrogaming, 8 bit and machinima, and Malcolm Levy, an artist who has his work been presented in countries like India, Australia, Germany, China and Canada.