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Roadhouse Interactive

Roadhouse Interactive is a Vancouver based end-to-end solution provider for the next generation of browser, social, and mobile games. Founded by James Hursthouse, Ian Verchere and Tarrnie Williams in December 2009, Roadhouse’s management team is responsible for some of the most well-known game franchises of the past twenty five years and continues to build upon industry-leading production, development and live game operations expertise at Roadhouse. Announced games include Family Guy Online, a mid-core browser-based ‘MMLOL’ game for 20th Century Fox, and MechWarrior: Tactics, a turn-based strategy reboot of the classic MechWarrior franchise for Montreal-based Infinite Game Publishing. The company is working on a robust portfolio of additional projects across a range of genres, platforms and properties – linked by a unified vision that games should be free-to-play, frictionless, and highly engaging.