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Pat Hibbitts Scholarship

The Pat Hibbitts Scholarship (PHS) was established in 2015 in honour of the late Pat Hibbitts, Simon Fraser University’s former Vice-President of Finance and Administration.

The award is intended to recognize and provide funding to one incoming female graduate student in the Master of Digital Media program at the Centre for Digital Media who chooses to undergo a career change. 

Terms of Reference

One scholarship valued at $20,000 will be awarded annually in the Fall term to a student who fulfills the following criteria: 

  • Demonstrates a transition from a previous non digital media-related field to digital media.
  • Possesses a minimum of 3 years work experience in a non-digital media related field.
  • Admitted into the Master of Digital Media program.

If a suitable candidate is not identified, the award may be awarded in a subsequent term.

Documentation Requirements

Applicants must submit the following documentation in order to be considered:

  • Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended prior to applying to the Master of Digital Media program.
  • A curriculum vitae summarizing professional achievements and work relevant to the aims of this award.
  • One letter of reference providing evidence of the nominee’s relevant experience to the aims of this award. It is recommended that the referee explain how and why a transition into the field of digital media would benefit the nominee.

Deadline to apply for the scholarship is February 15th.

All documents need to be sent as PDF to: admissions@thecdm.ca