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Hsiao-Hsuan (Karen) Huang

Hsiao-Hsuan (Karen) Huang  | alumni

Class of: 
Apr 2013 (Cohort 6)

Huang received her BFA degree from the department of Communication Arts at Fu Jen Catholic University (FJU) in Taipei, Taiwan. During her education, she had been working as a part-time in the Media Centre of FJU for two years. Moreover, she trained at Chinese Television System (CTS) in Taiwan during her internship. Huang’s works include TV shows and documentary films, and she was often in charge of film editing, graphic design, and preparatory work. She also learned 3D modeling software for improving herself, and she has great interest in motion editing. In the future, Huang would like to produce quality Canadian programming, and believes the MDM program will make her more competitive in the market.

Projects: PiaPia, YATTA