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Yujiao (Joney) Shang

Yujiao (Joney) Shang  | alumni

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Aug 2012 (Cohort 5)

Yujiao Shang (Joney) is from China. She is a creative and energetic 2D and 3D artist and graphic designer with nearly ten years experience in fine art, and four years experience in business management. She is self-motivated, innovative, and adapts quickly to new situations and environments. Joney works well under pressure, with limited supervision, and as a team player. She is very passionate about 2D and 3D solutions, art and logic design. With a Bachelor of Management in Business Administration, as well as a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology, Joney expects to create projects that will be profitable, and push the boundaries of technology.

Projects: Fun Factory, Monsterholic, Shaomai