Elisabeta Osian

Elisabeta Osian | faculty

Pre-MDM Faculty

  • Centre for Digital Media

Elisabeta started teaching English in 2000 and she has been working with public and private language schools in Romania and Canada, delivering general English, IELTS, Business English, TOEFL, ESP and EAP courses.

She has also worked as a research assistant with the Cluj Cultural Institute in Europe, as a collaborating teaching assistant with the Department of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes and as a member of the editing board with the Journal for Communication and Culture at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca.

She holds a BA in Romanian and English Literature and Linguistics, an MA in Philosophy, and a Ph.D. in Aesthetics and Literary Theory with the Faculty of Letters of the same university.

Her research focuses on intermediality and remediation as generic concepts with a direct application to the new media-arts and literature. She has presented papers at various conference venues in Europe and Canada and has published in international journals. More recently, her research branched out into the narrative aspect of video games, and this sparked her interest in web and iOS development, motivating her to study and become certified in these fields.