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Kellogg S. Booth


Kellogg S. Booth is a Professor of Computer Science and the former Director of the Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre at the University of British Columbia. He has worked in the fields of computer graphics and human-computer interaction since 1968. Prior to UBC, he was a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo (1977-1990), and before that a staff member at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (1968-1976). Research interests include human-computer interaction, visualization, computer graphics, user interface design, and analysis of algorithms. He is involved in a number of interdisciplinary research projects at UBC and elsewhere. He currently serves as the Scientific Director for GRAND (Graphics, Animation and New Media), a former Canada-wide network of centres of excellence in digital media.

  • Professor of Computer Science at UBC
  • Scientific Director for the Graphics, Animation and New Media (GRAND), a Network of Centres of Excellence from December 2009 through June 2015
  • Active participant in HCI@UBC
  • Member of the Multimodal User Experience Lab (MUX) at UBC
  • Member of the Imager Laboratory for Graphics, Visualization, & Human-Computer Interaction at UBC
  • Member of ICICS, the Institute for Computing, Information & Cognitive Systems at UBC
  • Former Director of MAGIC, the Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre at UBC (1990-2002)
  • Fellow of the British Columbia Advanced Systems Institute (1992-2004)
  • Distinguished member of ACM, the Association for Computer Machinery